This version introduces many ways to customize the appearance of the PUPI Visual Programming Canvas, of nodes and menus.

Registered users can download from 

Students can get PUPI for free. Just register with a valid .edu email address and request an educational license!

Below see a list of changes from version 01:

- Added Import File option to default File menu command

- Added saved file extension option to PUPIGUISettings

- 2D Mode

- Focus on node button from tree view

- Chamfering and rounded node corners

- New settings validation function that needs to be run before starting a canvas

- Improved namespace explorer to select methods and change captions.

- Added canvas export to 3d file option.

- Now users can cancel input when double clicking and it doesn't reset

-Lots of new selection and clipboard features.

- Can disconnect all connected inputs by right clicking on node output.

- PUPICAD CAD file load.

- Scripting Nodes

- Tablet mode

- Custom node visual representation

- List sort module

- New setting for inputs: Automatic list mode 

- Node Selection by dragging

- Node Input and outputs context menu show name and value at the top