The biggest update is a set of tools that allows PUPI to generate Grasshopper modules from .NET code. 

This is an automated and codeless solution. You can see the procedure in the video below:

List of changes:

  •  Option to curve connections at corners
  •  Option for wire connections
  •  Grid thickness and material can now be set
  •  Automatic arrangement command in View menu, rearranges nodes based on connections
  •  Menu command to regenerate connections
  •  Export PUPI Module DLLs from MTPS function added to PUPIModel
  •  On screen pan buttons also work as look buttons in 3D
  •  Experimental PUPI Assembly Creator tool to create PUPI DLLs from MTPS
  •  Experimental PUPI Grasshopper Assembly creator from PUPI Module DLLs

And there is another video showing the look and feel of the updated programming canvas: