Using PUPPICAD to generate structural elements on an arbitrary 3D shape

Structural elements generated from arbitrary surface  in PUPPICAD 0.61 example

It's here!

After a year, a new release of the free computational design tool PUPPICAD. 

PUPPICAD 0.61 uses the latest PUPPI library, 0.3.21.

Almost 4000 modules available, with new advanced computational geometry modules added  such as splines, contour cutting and convex hull generation.

The full Windows Media3D namespace and the Helix 3D Toolkit have been converted into visual programming modules, so that you can do pretty much anything you can imagine.

New mathematical modules for expression evaluation and matrix algebra are also available.

Lots of example programs, and a quick-build menu for common geometry objects make it easier then ever to get started.

You can also generate visual programming modules on the fly from .NET DLL files.

Find out more and download PUPPICAD from here.