PUPPICAD version 07.00 is available to download free (free user registration required).

Built with the new PUPPI 04.00 library, it features all its  improvements (see article below).

In addition, we revamped the Options menu to set up a client server interface. You can run one instance of PUPPICAD in server mode, and connect to it from a client instance, retrieve and send data to nodes, and run programs.

There are many more example visual workflows, including one for the new 3D object slice module, great for prepping large CAD models for 3D printing:

PUPPICAD 07 CAD model slice example

Full list of improvements (not counting PUPPI improvements, see article below for those):


-Added options menu

-Added integer slider control

- Bigger module buttons

- When locking canvas, menu buttons disappear

- Image display from file node

- File browser module, outputs path

- Server that can serve node outputs to other PUPPICAD instances, set up from the options menu

-Added list of plugin files to the options menu