For this version, we fixed several bugs and small annoyances. We improved server performance, and added more canvas and runtime control nodes which allow PUPPI applications to be used for graphical process control and monitoring!

PUPPI Canvas rendered on webpage

PUPPI Canvas Rendered on Interactive Webpage

(Javascript based web client available to Developer level PUPPI subscribers)


Full list of changes:

- Node move arrow now sizes based on camera height

- TCP server performance improvements

-  New custom renderer element: filled Triangle (both 2D and 3D)

-  New GUI setting for controlling quality of cylinders and circles in custom renderers

- New Logic module: start/stop timer that allows the program to run every x milliseconds

- New collections module: accumulator that adds input to a list every time module processes,up to a specified limit

- New CAD module: hardcode transforms to 3D model points

- New logic module: force graphica update of canvas, useful to see what is going on when the program runs in a loop