PUPPI Visual Programming Applications Development Toolkit version 04.20 now available!


Many bug fixes and some nifty new features are available.

See change log below:

- Server options to not save hidden nodes and connections for faster client-server ops

- Canvas controller API commands to run the program on a timer and to stop timer.

- New Logic node: Conditional Pass,which processes downstream only if condition met.

- Long overdue: you can drag and drop node stacks on other node stacks

- New PUPPICAD.Utilities functions: get and set 3D object points

- New DataExchange module: create object from example class with property getter and setter methods

- New PUPPICAD.Utilities function : create Sphere ModelVisual3D

- Added PUPPICAD.Utilities functions to subdivide mesh by loop subdivision and also PUPPIModule to do same

- Added PUPPICAD.Utilities to make box 3d object

- New CAD module: Clone object at positions provided as Point3D list

- New CAD module: planar mesh 3d object

- New CAD module: set texture to object

- Unsafe loading in assembly creator and namespace explorer to allow more dll files to be loaded

- GUI setting variable for module menu border width

- New DataExchange module: create object from example class with fields

- PUPPIGUISettings Option for nodes to intersect and connections to cross over nodes.

- New option: generate node with properties or fields from a node's output

- New PUPPIGUISetting : set spacing between module menu items


PUPPI Nodes can be stacked after they were created

PUPPI nodes can now be stacked after they were placed on the canvas