PUPICAD Free Beta version 0.3 now available!

Available at visualprogramminglanguage.com, under the downloads tab

More cool features have been added. It's so easy, whenever someone thinks of something , it's just a few lines of code.

Of note are the random number and random list of numbers generators. Scroll below to see the fun new example visual program!

v0.3 beta 

Fixed bugs: 

-Faster program execution and canvas reorganizing.

-Now it remembers your folder selection, before, it was quite annoying :)

Added features:

-32 bit version available too

-Random number modules

-Tree view, now you can see nodes and children in a tree graph, and this can also be used when connecting nodes!

-Map view, this one only shows bases and simplified connections with arrows, so if you have a bigger program, you can get a better birds eye view.

-Skyline generator example (load from examples). Based on simple inputs, this will randomly generate a 3D skyscraper city you can use as a backdrop in your projects. Try to improve it!


PUPICAD Skyline generator example

PUPICAD 0.3 Skyline Generator 

How to test:

1) Download desired PUPICAD version from the Download tab on this site

2) Run the installer

3) Watch the tutorial videos from the Video Tutorials tab

4) Run PUPICAD. To understand the features, refer to the included help file.

5) Try to create the simple model from Tutorial 1 in the help file

6) Open the example models from the Examples folder, and attempt to modify them

7) Let us know of any issues or anything, really, by commenting on this article.

8) You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If reporting issues:

     -First check the Debug Mode box in PUPICAD.

     -Run the offending model

     -Press the Exit button

     -A window will pop up with a debug log. Copy that and paste it in the body of the email.


Thank you!

What is coming up next?

Glad you asked! We are working on the first release version of the PUPI library. If you want to create your own visual programming interfaces, well, soon you will be able to!