.NET CAD Library extending the functionality of WPF and  Helix3D Toolkit 

H3DExtensions CAD library images

-Easy mesh contour extraction

-Spline generation

-Point cloud editing tools

-Point contour editing tools

-Capped loft generation

-Save mesh to STL

The functions in H3DExtensions were created as we expanded PUPPI and PUPPICAD. Making this library freely available to other developers is our way of giving back to the excellent Helix3D community.


-In order to get the library, please register first, then download from here.

-Load the included sample project in Visual Studio, making sure Helix3D Toolkit and H3DExtensions are referenced.

-The sample projects demonstrates the creation of a loft which is saved as an STL:

H3DExtensions loft creation CAD sample project

 loft CAD triangle