PUPPICAD Version 07.20 is now available for download to registered users.

PUPPICAD is a computational design development environment which can be easily expanded by directly loading DLL files and using their classes and functions for visual programming. PUPPICAD features over 3000 nodes and a revolutionary 3D visual programming interface.

AS always, PUPPICAD is free. Get it at http://puppicad.xyz

Change log:

-PUPPICAD 07.20 uses the latest version of PUPPI, 04.20

-Enabled unsafe dll loading which is able to convert a lot more dll files into visual programming modules

-Added Planar mesh construct to generate a planar mesh 3d object with all inputs satisfied.

-New module: save BMP to file

-Added MTPS module creation option


PUPPICAD planar surface

PUPPICAD 0.72 features the planar surface mesh node, which can be modified via its pointsto generate complex surfaces