The Parametric Universal Programming & Process Interface (PUPPI) is a library for developing visual programming interfaces. PUPPI features advanced automation routines that allow developers to interface with existing APIs and libraries with minimal coding overhead. New visual modules with custom functions can be added within minimal constraints. PUPPI powered applications present end users with a revolutionary patent pending customizable graphical user interface for creating visual scripts that remain easy to understand even at high levels of complexity.


If your goal is to create a visual programming interface for your software, or a standalone software with visual programming capabilities, PUPPI will save you time! 

 Parametric visual programming is used in the design, engineering, business intelligence, game creation and many other fields. Imagine having this capability easily added to any software, with minimal coding overhead!  PUPPI, due to its versatility, is suited for many applications where there is a need for a visual scripting capability to mount on existing software or to run standalone.

Deploying PUPPI Powered Applications to the Cloud, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality



PUPPI Look and Feel Video, trying out one of the sample Visual Studio projects included with the PUPPI Library:



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A free full-featured program, working name PUPPICAD, is using PUPPI for generating geometry via parametric rules. While the number of features is limited currently, it will evolve in parallel with the core PUPPI library. You can get PUPPICAD by registering and downloading from the PUPPICAD menu.


  Have a .NET Library? Give everyone easy access with a graphical programming interface that automatically creates nodes from .NET classes!


Example:Using PUPPI to create a visual programming interface for AutoCAD®:


 The above project is available to PUPPI subscribers.


System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or above
  • Visual Studio 2012 Express or above


  • Revolutionary Visual Programming Interface
    • Code layout rearranges itself as you add nodes, remaining easy to understand.
    • Using the 3rd dimension allows for more compact programs and better logical organization.
    • Connections between nodes are easy to follow.
    • Multiple ways of exploring your code such as map view and tree view.
    • Customizable for an unique end-user experience.
  • Easily integrated in Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation projects.
  • Easy to create new visual programming modules from existing functions or entirely new code.


Example: Creating a Visual Programming GUI for Rhinoceros 3D® in Less Than One Hour:


 The above project is available to PUPPI subscribers.



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